Saturday, March 10, 2007

going back to the midwest, where it's sunny

Dave carries a pocket flashlight, and feels bad for anyone who doesn't.

I grew up here / under pavement / then burst up / through the sidewalk / and I never did tell you / that I make my days hoping you'll take me home. Those are some lyrics from the middle of "Going Back to Minneapolis" (where they liked me).

Thank you Christine, Christy, Dave, Nick, Sam, English Sam, Tim, Valerie & Vinnie. For clapping, laughing and hollering.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

go fix your twitching brow



01.10.07 - The winter roses bent over and made a pathway to Jimmy's No. 43 on East 7th Street. There I played an unprepared but very sincere set of songs chosen totally at random. My favorite (and Dave's) was Another Witching Hour, I like it more every time I play it with other people in the room. I meant every word when I wrote it, and Mike Jay taught me the chord that allowed the chorus to happen. It's a song about how easy it is to be with me ("everything's simpler now / I won't crowd you / and you won't stop the rain"), and how much boys will generally screw that up. In the song, I call that "clever". Which it's not, it's actually pretty ordinary.

Next time I think I'll make a set list. And practice. And stop trying to fight with the cat; clearly it can yell louder than me.

Rev Timmy
played before me (that's him, below) and he was fantastic. Even sans whiskey he rocked all of the right places. And he didn't talk about hockey once. But he did play Plastic Jesus, it was all very spiritual - him being a reverend and the jesus song and all that.

Thank you, very much, to: Amy, Anthony, Christine, Christy, Dave, Ethan, Lilly, Nick, Tim, Valerie, Vanessa, Vinnie & Brady.

And to Sam, who asked the roses if they wouldn't mind bending for the night.