Thursday, July 14, 2005

Then I ain't nothing


Billie Holiday once wrote: "I guess I'm not the only one who heard their first good jazz in a whorehouse." Wait, wrong quote... She also said: "If I don't have friends, then I ain't nothing." Despite battling prostitution, racism and a killer heroin addiction, she was incredibly talented with against-the-odds kind of smarts. She was alone in a way that I understand, and she's so right in having said that.

Wow, you people were amazing. Thank you Cyril, Dan, Dave, Jennifer, Jessica, John, Lilly, Mark, Melissa, Mike Jay, Millie, Monica, Nick, Redboy, Rich, Ricky, Rob, Ryan, Shelby, Skip, Tim, Tom, and Zack. The cameo appearances were truly stellar.

I suppose my favorite performance was "Another Witching Hour" because it's new, and I really mean it and becuase there's a chord in there that Mike Jay taught me how to play. That song goes a little like this: I'm sitting on my hands / I've bit through my lip / but I don't think I'll complain. / I'll smile sweetly now / with bedroom eyes / and you'll think I'm insane.

I don't have too much else to say because I was left sort of speechless. Thank you to Lilly for taking photos, to Tom for yelling the loudest inappropriate and appropriate things, to John and Mark for the impromptu and completely ineffective dance lesson, to Master Shake for walking without legs, to Morgan for making me sound pretty, and to Ricky for always making everything happen.