Saturday, November 15, 2008

she's got inkspots on her hands

It had been 19 months and in that time both my tonsils and hearing had been thieved. A rainy, crazy humid November night was the perfect time to make a comeback, it seems. My voice had been clawing and begging its way up my windpipe trying to get out for months, it had earned a night out in the little town of the east village.

My newest song is a bit dusty to be calling new, but it made its debut at Bar on A. For now I'm calling it "Inkspots", it's about a girl - a girl who could be your everything, if you would just let her. A sampling of words: she'll be the one who makes you bitter / she'll be the one who makes it better / she'll be the one to tear the stars / she'll be the one who leaves a mark / she'll be the one who makes you feel like home.

Thank you thank you to: Ben, Christine, Dan, Dave, David, Evan, Jennie, Jessica, Jodi, JZ, Kim, Mark, Marissa, Michael, Nick, Nico, Sam, Shannon, Tammy
& the guy from Project Runway.

And thank you to my new friend Patrick Salt Ryan, and my dear old friend Reverend Timmy James, not just for the invitation, the capo and the lo-fi sound mixing, but for their incredible talents as well. Two very tall men, with even taller words. Set to tall music.

Thank you all for listening.
xo | punk